Before Brittany re-built our Initial Training for our CASA Volunteers, we had an out-dated theory-based curriculum that had little application to what the Volunteers would actually be doing in their role. The training was also extremely inconvenient to our Volunteers, consisting of 35  boring classroom hours.  This resulted in many Volunteers needing to complete make-up classes, which proved to be inefficient and unsuccessful. Brittany did an incredible job of creating a skills-based training that was practical, interesting, and representative of our program. She was able to trim down the training to be 15 hours in class and 15 hours online, which provided the flexibility that our Volunteers needed. The quality of the Volunteers’ skills and their feedback improved significantly, as did their services to the children. We quickly and proudly became a leader in our state for exceptional training. Brittany is the best.

Tanya Camunas

Brittany Rastmisth is an innovator when it comes to training new staff or volunteers. When faced with a run-of-the-mill curriculum, Brittany works to revitalize the material in order to make it more captivating and impactful for those involved in an incredibly timely manner. Whether you prefer in-person or digital instruction, her skills are truly invaluable and much more cost-effective than hiring a full-time staff member to do the same work. Her service is highly recommended.

Sara Boon