Specialty Areas

I have done a little bit of everything that is even tangentially related to creating trainings, and I am comfortable with all of it. That said, there are a few things that I have done so many times that I have become a process or topic expert. These specialty areas are my favorite and best kinds of work. They fall into two categories:

Process Skills

The following are types of training creation that I have done extensively, and that I am especially passionate about. I know these things forwards and backwards, and I am equally comfortable walking a brand new client who isn’t sure what he or she wants or an experienced training buyer who has an exact process in mind. I create the following in live training format, or as eLearning modules:

Turning Books into Workshops

Creating Orientation Programs

Creating Skill Based Trainings

Creating Hands-On Activities

Making Software Simulations and Tutorials

PowerPoint Design and Creation


My education, personal experiences, and years of creating trainings about a variety of topics has left me knowing a little bit about almost any topic. I am always excited to take on a new topic and learn more. That said, there are a few areas about which I have a broad and deep knowledge base already. You can read about them here.