Updating Existing Trainings

Trainings have a way of growing. You add a section to satisfy a grant you used to receive, you add an activity because there used to be a problem with the related process. Maybe your former trainer really liked a certain style that didn’t really fit the material. Whatever happened, your training has grow out of control. It’s too long, confusing, and maybe a little dull. Worse yet, your staff or volunteers aren’t learning what you need them to learn.

Every training job I ever had started with me completely redesigning their orientation curriculum for exactly these reasons. Sometimes, you just need a fresh set of eyes to come in and say “if your goal is x, this is how you get there.” I can be that set of fresh, specially trained eyes. I have taken meandering, painful orientation programs and turned them into tight, engaging processes that still meets all the rules and regulations. I have taken countless 1-5 hour topic trainings that failed to create change and reworked them into skills based program builders.

If you have a training that isn’t getting the results you want, contact me. I can talk to your team about your goals for the training, and how the topic fits into your overall program. From there, I can rework the entire training from outline to activities, creating something that gets you results.

Here are some trainings I have redesigned:

Orientation Case Study 1

Orientation Case Study 2

Cultural Awareness Knowledge Check eLearning Module

Interested? Look at my portfolio to see more of what I can do, or contact me to talk about your project.