Making Live Trainings Into eLearning Modules

There are lots of reasons that an eLearning module might be a better choice for your organization than a live training. Your staff are far flung and rarely come into the office, your volunteers are pressed for time and can’t commit to evening trainings, you want to offer more flexibility – the list goes on and on.

However, you have a really fantastic live training that you love. I can help you by taking that training and turning it into an eLearning module. I will use your  branding, your pictures,  and your input to create a custom eLearning module that meets your need and matches your agency. All of my eLearning modules are built in Adobe Captivate, and can be hosted on your website or in your Learning Management System.

Here are a few samples of live courses I have converted into eLearning modules:

Cultural Awareness Knowledge Check Module

Interested? Look at my portfolio to see more of what I can do, or contact me to talk about your project.