Creating New Trainings

You have a specific need you have identified for your staff or volunteers – say you want them to start using Motivational Interviewing with clients, or you need a tutorial for your new electronic medical records system.  Before they can start making the switch, they need to know how. More than that, they have to believe that the new way will have better results, and feel confident trying it.

New Training

That is where I come in. I can work with  your team to identify exactly what you want to happen (i.e. everyone starts using the new system correctly), and how it fits into your existing system. Then I can build a training designed to accomplish just that.

New trainings come in one of two final forms: eLearning modules and live trainings. Which one you pick depends on your program needs and tools.  ELearning modules are made in Adobe Captivate, and are designed to be hosted on your website or in your LMS system. Live trainings are designed to be presented by your trainer in a classroom format.

Here are some samples of new trainings I have created:

Educational Advocacy Skill Building Class

Introducing a New Volunteer Position

Budgeting in Poverty Activity

Researching and Role-playing for Transition Aged Youth Activity

Interested? Look at my portfolio to see more of what I can do, or contact me to talk about your project.