My trainings can be designed as live trainings or eLearning modules. I offer three main kinds of curriculum development services:  creating new trainings, reworking existing trainings,  and turning exisiting live trainings into eLearning modules. Select the options below to read more about each service.


Creating New Trainings

You have a specific need you have identified for your staff or volunteers – say you want them to start using Motivational Interviewing with clients, or you need a tutorial for your new electronic medical records system.  Before they can start making the switch, they need to know how. More than that, they have to … Continue reading Creating New Trainings

Updating Existing Trainings

Trainings have a way of growing. You add a section to satisfy a grant you used to receive, you add an activity because there used to be a problem with the related process. Maybe your former trainer really liked a certain style that didn’t really fit the material. Whatever happened, your training has grow out … Continue reading Updating Existing Trainings