Computer Program Walkthrough Sample

This organization had invested in a robust electronic medical records (EMR) system, which they used for everything from coordinating patient care to reporting billable hours. It was really important that all of their staff entered their information the right way.

Having simulations like this available are equivalent to having a knowledgeable, organized person willing to sit down with your learners as many times as they would like and walk through the steps exactly when the learner needs them most. For some learners, this means every time they fill out their notes for the first half dozen attempts (sometimes at 3AM). For others, they only need to see it once, and then once again six months later when they run into a new permutation.

I made this segment to go at the end of a training on using Goal Attainment Scaling. This part focuses specifically on how the skills just acquired work with the EMR system. Since it was an advanced class for ongoing staff, it presumes a basic familiarity with the system as a whole.

Sample available now via request. Coming to this webpage soon.