Redesigned Orientations

Orientations – for staff, volunteers, or both – require careful thought. Orientation is the first real exposure most people have to how the work of the organization will be done. There are a lot of things that a good orientation should accomplish. At a bare minimum, learners need to leave an orientation program feeling excited about their work, and confident that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to get started. Everything they learn should be framed within the values of the organization, to give them the best possible chance of being successful and contributing to the organization’s overall goals.

This page has links to samples from orientations I have redesigned for various organizations, with explanations for why I made some of the choices that I did.

Sample 1 – A Big Orientation for a Big Organization with Lots of Moving Pieces & Rules

Sample 2 – An Orientation for Volunteers that Needed Updating and Customization

Orientations are just one of the many kinds of trainings that I redesign to make support your program goals. You can look at my Services page to see what else I could do for you.