PowerPoint Design and Creation

PowerPoint decks are easy to make, but difficult to make professionally. Professional PowerPoint decks help your learners to take you seriously as a presenter or as a company, retain the most information from your presentation, and stay more engaged.  How your deck looks is especially important if you want to share your decks online, or if multiple presenters will share the same deck.

I make custom PowerPoint templates, and I also create new decks and clean up existing decks. See a few samples of my work and style here:

Not convinced it matters? Consider the following two slides, which have the same basic content:


If you have ever sat through an in-house training, a school presentation, or a particularly bad keynote, the above slide should look familiar. It has the information on it – and nothing else. Who made this slide? Who knows – there isn’t any branding. What is the relationship between these points? Better hope the speaker explains very clearly.  The spacing is bad, the design is boring: this slide is hard to look at. So most learners won’t bother to struggle through figuring it out. Which is a shame, since so many people are visual learners, and could really benefit from a clear visual component to any workshop or lecture. Now consider the next slide:


Now consider this second version. It is the same basic slide, with a few important differences.

  • First, it’s branded. I designed this template to mimic the company’s branding, logo, and colors. Whether it’s a presentation at a conference, or a single screen shot on a website, you know who this information came from. It looks more professional, and that is accomplished effortlessly by everyone who uses the template. I already did all the design work.
  • Second, the information has been pared down and turned into an infographic. Those bullet points missed the point. This picture, simple though it is, quickly and easily gets across the main idea in a way that is more likely to stick in a learners mind.
  • Third, the slide is visually attractive. The fonts are big, the colors have nice contrast, the spacing is pleasing. In short, this is a slide that makes your presentation seem more professional and well put together. This is a slide that says “I know what I am doing, and I am willing to put in the work.”

Do you want your own custom PowerPoint template, or do you need a professional deck made? I can help.  Contact me so we can talk about your project.