Work Process

Here is the same information in a more printer friendly fashion:

  1. You contact me to express an interest. I send you a basic questionnaire about your project.
  2. Once you complete it, I will schedule a call with you to discuss your project in detail and answer any questions you have.
  3. If we agree we are a good fit, we work out the goals of the training, the final product, the price, and the timeline as part of our contracting process.
  4. You send me any outlines, articles, or old trainings that you want me to use during the process, and put me in touch with your subject matter experts.
  5. Once I have all of your materials and have interviewed your subject matter experts, I will create an outline for live trainings or a storyboard for eLearnings.
  6. I send you the outline/story board, and we schedule a call to discuss it.
  7. Once you have approved it, I will request any further materials I need (pictures, videos, branding materials, etc.…)
  8. Once I receive those materials, I will create the actual training materials.
  9. I send the training to you for approval. You give me your final edits, and I polish up the finished product.