About Me

headshot 2015Healthy communities are built out of healthy families. Sometimes families have extra challenges, and need extra help. My professional life has been devoted to helping build our communities by building up these families. I have worked with children’s mental health programs, residential programs, community based family preservation and reunification programs, child welfare agencies, domestic violence agencies, health organizations, wraparound programs, and family courts. Some of these have been non-profits, some have been government agencies, and some have been for profit enterprises.

After years of creating orientations, ongoing trainings, and eLearnings for these programs – both in house and as a consultant – I have developed a breadth and depth of understanding both in terms of best practices and how to teach them in a way that creates real practice shift. Engaging, skills based trainings (live and online) designed according to adult learning principles allow programs to actually implement new and existing best practices in daily client interactions. I am passionate about creating these tools to allow organizations to serve their families and communities better. To learn more about what I do and to see if I might be a good choice for your training creation needs, take a look at my Portfolio and my  Services page. For more details about my past work, look at my resume, or go to my LinkedIn page.


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