3 Reasons You Should Take the Time to Fix Your PowerPoint Decks

We’ve all been there: a presentation, a training, a sales pitch, something. The presenter sets up the projector and blasts a bare bones presentation (or worse, crazy fonts and no contrast). It looks like this:


You groan, and wonder if anyone would notice if you checked your email on your phone. The style of your PowerPoint matters as much as your content, and here are three reasons why:

1. Engagement:

How much effort does it look like I put into that slide? Not much, right? It looks like I don’t care about this presentation. Whether you are presenting to investors, your board, new staff, the community, or the local rec center, people won’t care if they don’t think you care. Best case, if I present very enthusiastically, they think I am lazy or don’t know how to use computers. Worse case, they tune out (or leave) because they don’t want to waste their time on a slipshod presentation.

2. LeaRning Enhancement:

Why even have a PowerPoint? It’s to give your audience a visual representation of your main points, and thereby help you message sink in better. Does the slide I presented at the top of this page help you know what I am saying? No. Is it memorable? No. Does it draw you in? No. So why even have a PowerPoint?

3. Professionalism:

A well designed PowerPoint shows that you take pride in your work. It shows competency, detail-orientation, and knowledge about presenting. Just like a lawyer doesn’t go to court in sweatpants, you shouldn’t present with a presentation that isn’t professional.

So what could that slide have looked like? See it here, along with some of my other slide designs. Good design makes a big difference.


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