Making an Orientation Program: Selecting Skills

Once you have identified your guiding values and given your learners a decision making framework, it is time to start listing out what it is they need to know how to do.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking trainings are about acquiring knowledge. That doesn’t really work. Instead, we focus on what we want people to do, and give them the background and theory that they need to support those actions.

This is an area that a lot of programs get wrong. They front load their orientations with theory and background, and hope the skills will take care of themselves. This is backwards. Learning theory and personal experiences tell us that people remember things that they plan to use. People use skills that they believe are important. They will remember theory and background best in the context of skills.

I don’t mean little skills like filling out forms and procedures for setting up appointments – those come with time on the job (and hopefully a structured on the job coaching system). I am talking about big skills. The second step is to make this big skill list – and make it comprehensive.

I go on about this topic, and the other 10 including examples, in my free ebook.  If you are interested in making orientation programs, you should check it out.


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