Free Resource: How to Make an Orientation Program

As someone who has created or completely remade a number of Orientation Programs for agencies large and small, I have learned a lot about the process. I have taken my mistakes, learning experiences, and setbacks, and distilled the lessons I have learned from them so that you can avoid making them yourself. After combining that with years of research, training, and evaluations, and I came up with a short ebook detailing the steps in the process. I am excited to share this resource with you.

11 Steps Orientation Banner

Orientation Programs are incredibly important. They set the tone for a volunteer or employee’s entire tenure with an agency. Good orientations increase retention, improve quality of services, feed into the learning culture, and decrease initial coaching needs (saving time and money). Poorly designed orientations have the opposite effects. The ebook (which you can get by signing up for my mailing list) covers 11 topics:

  1. Identify your Core Values
  2. Make a List of Skills your Students Need to Have
  3. Create Knowledge and Theory Groups
  4. Break your Training Time into Blocks
  5. Put a Theory Chunk and a Complementary Skill Chunk in Each Block
  6. Consider a Key Narrative
  7. Balance your Activities for Learning Styles and Activity Levels
  8. Find or Make Powerful Visuals for your Key Points
  9. Look into one or more Expert Speakers
  10. Consider Online or In-The-Field Components
  11. Create a Feedback System

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